Pauldrons, Spaulders, and Rerebraces: all refer to various forms of upper arm and shoulder armour. Our made to measure designs in hardened leather come in a range of colours, finishes and tooling.

Buckle-fastened rerebrace with fighting hounds knotwork carving.


- Two buckled biceps straps.

- concealed loops for shoulder lacings.

60.00 / pair

75 / pair with fighting hounds knotwork (as shown)

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Lobster pauldron

- fully articulated

- lower biceps strap.

- concealed loops for shoulder lacing.

78.00 / pair

88.00 / pair - contrasting edge dye (as shown)

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Black, jointed pauldron with read trim.

As with all leather armour, pauldrons and other upper arm and shoulder armour can be customised to your own design. If you have any specific requirements or want a design you don't see, please contact us. For more details on options, see the information page.

All armour is made to measure, so please don't forget to include your measurements when you order.

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