Labyrinthe casting mat in bronze and japaned steel

Casting Mats

- Chain mail prayer, ritual or casting mats.

- Approx 15" x 10" (380mm X 250mm), 2,000 links.

- Any pattern, many colours.

- Prices vary
eg 'Labyrinthe' as illustrated, 120.00

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Toblerone ®  Scabbard

Designed to hold a large (400g) bar of this triangular swiss chocolate.

- Price includes the bar of chocolate!


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® Toblerone is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods

Toblerone scabbard

Red deer antlers

Red Deer Antlers

- From a managed estate in Scotland.

- Please note this item is seasonal, and particular point-sets may not always be available..

- On-skull antlers available by arrangement.

50.00 - 10-point set (5 tines per antler), including p&p

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- Composite leather and printed circuitry armour.

- Very limited supply. Contact us for details and a quote.

Picture not yet available

Picture not yet available

Wood Mail

- Birch-wood rings

- Linked with paired metal rings.


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