Hand-stitched, tooled and dyed leather bracers, greaves and shin guards designed for the martial arts and professional wrestling.

Ninja Bracers

Originally custom-made for a member of the Quiet Storm Ninpo Academy, these hand-stitched soft leather bracers are designed for excellent wrist support while grappling. Lacing is across the top of the hand to avoid chaffing the palm, and includes a suede tongue beneath the lacing.


Forearm Bracers

- Soft leather, lacing across top of hand.

40 / pair - Plain

60.00 / pair - with logo

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Vambrace: Hardened brown leather with lace fastenings

Professional Wrestling

Custom designs commisioned by professional wrestlers. Velcro and lacing are used instead of buckles for safety. Likewise all bright decorations and fastenings are low, smooth plates and rivets instead of studs or spikes.


Wrestler's Bracers, medium-weight leather, lace fastened.

Wrestler's Bracers

- Medium-weight leather, lace-fastened.

- Design matches greaves below.

- 40 / pair

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Wrestler's Greaves

- Medium-weight leather, velcro fastening.

- Design matches bracers above.

- Includes boot cover.

- 130.00 / pair

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Wrestler's Greaves, medium-weight leather, velcro fastened, with boot cover.

Wrestler's Muscled Greaves, medium-weight leather, lace fastened.

Muscled Greaves

- Medium-weight leather, lace-fastened.

- Padded front and side panels, and foot cover.

- 125.00 / pair

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As with all leather items, martial-arts and wrestling equipment can be customised to your own design. If you have any specific requirements or want a design you don't see, please contact us. For more details on options, see the information page.

These items are made to measure, so please don't forget to include your measurements for either bracers or greaves when you order.

Please note: Buckle-fastenings are not recommended for use in martial arts but are available on request.

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