Hard and soft leather vambraces and archer's bracers. Single piece forearm armour, lace or buckle-fastened, unadorned or with a variety of studs, carved and stamped decorations and coloured leathers.

1. Hardened Leather

Moulded and hardened leather bracers, all styles are finished with burnished edges and border detail.


Moulded and hardened vambraces finished with a simple edge-trim.

28.00 / pair - Laced

37.50 / pair - Buckled

Vambrace: Hardened brown leather with lace fastenings

Vambrace:  Black leather and pyramid studs, buckle-fastened.

Studded Bracers

Several different stud types are available, including pyramids, domes and cones, as well as spikes .

36.00 / pair - Laced

45.50 / pair - Buckled

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Leaf and Branch

- After carving and stamping the pattern on these bracers is highlighted with an antiquing dye.

42.50 / pair - Laced

52.00 / pair - Buckled


17.50 / pair -Painted leaves, branches & border.

E.g. green on brown, or silver on black.

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Silver Leaf & Branch

Leaf & Branch

Vambrace:  Lighting-bolt.

Lightning Bolt

Carved Lightning-bolt motif painted in acryllics.

40.00 / pair - Laced

50.00 / pair - Buckled

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Diamond Scale

After hardening and moulding, these vambraces are carved and highlighted.

42.50 / pair - Laced

52.00 / pair - Buckled

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Vambrace:  Diamond-pattern.

Vambrace:  Dragon-scale.

Dragon Scale

Heavy scaled bracers with a colour edge-trim of your choice.

45.00 / pair - Laced

55.00 / pair - Buckled

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Celtic Wolf

Bracers decorated with full knotwork carving and dyed in several colours.

55.00 / pair - Laced

64.50 / pair - Buckled

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Vambrace:  Celtic wolf carving and multi-colour dyed.

Vambrace:  Flame-patterned.


Hand-carved red leather bracers with black trim

Finished in gold & copper metallic acrylics

55.00 / pair - Laced

64.50 / pair - Buckled

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2. Unhardened Leather

Made from slightly lighter weight leather than the hardened leather bracers, these designs are a little softer and flexible.

Wrestler's Bracers, strong leather, lace fastened.

Wrestler's Bracers

- Designed for professional wrestlers.

- Matching greaves available.

- 40.00 / pair

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Gondorian bracers

Our version of Boromir's bracers from the 'Lord of the Rings' films.

- Double layered, hand-stitched and tooled leather.

- Also available as a custom variant with a silver crescent moon replacing the tree.

- 70.00 / pair, silvered or unsilvered.

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Gondorian bracers carved with tree of Gondor.

Gondorian bracers with silver crescent moon motif.

3. Light Leather

Lighter, flexible leather vambraces, all styles simply finished with no edge tooling. Either lace or three-buckle fastened.


18.00 / pair - Laced

27.50 / pair - Buckled

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25.00 / pair - Laced

35.00 / pair - Buckled

Eyelet patterned bracers

28.00 / pair - Laced

37.50 /pair - Buckled

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Soft leather vambrace decorated with silver eyelets in willow pattern.


All vambraces and bracers are made to measure, so please don't forget to include your measurements when you order.

As with all leather armour, our bracers can be customised to your own design. If you have any specific requirements or want a design you don't see, please contact us. For more details on options, see the information page.

Style note 1: Vambraces are available in asymmetric (left and right-handed) or symmetric styles. Asymmetric style gives more cover on the outside elbow. Symmetric designs look a little better with strong decoration such as dragon scale. All hardened and unhardened bracers shown on this page are symmetric designs.

Style note 2: Buckle straps can either be fitted externally, as shown, or internally, exiting through punched slots. Externally fitted straps look more rugged. Internally fitted straps are stronger and look neater.

Colour: Apart from browns and blacks, leather is available in a avriety of other colours, such as purple, green, and red, as well as metallic finishes.

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