Single and multi-buckle leather belts upto four inches wide. Finished and decorated with studs, banded edges, hand-tooling or just plain leather in a range of colours including black, brown shades, red, green, purple and more..

Light belts.

- 1 ½ inch belts in medium-weight leather.

- Wide range of colours

- Simple buckles, or full buckle sets.

- Plain or with studs.

- E.g. Red, studded belt with full buckle set.


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Sturdy belts.

- 2 inch belts. in heavy-weight leather.

- Wide range of colours.

- Single or double-tongue buckles.

- Plain or studded.

18.00 - 30.00

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Shoulder Belt.

- 2 inch belt with adjustable shoulder strap.

- Shoulder straps provide extra support for weapons, pouches and heavier items on the waist belt.


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Twin-buckle studded belt

- Double thickness banded edges.

- Brass pyramid studs.


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4-ring, two-buckle loop

- 3-inch wide belt in four sections.

- Linked by 4 steel rings and 2 two-inch buckles.


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Soft leather bodice, laced front and back with side and should buckles.

'Hero Harness'

- Hand-stitched padded front panel and top .

- Soft leather buckled shoulder straps

- Double buckle rear fastening


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